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Kidney Beans are reddish and brown in color. Like the name these are Kidney Shaped Pulses.

Kidney Beans are reddish and brown in color. Like the name these are Kidney Shaped Pulses.

Their flesh is soft and creamy. These are available in dried and canned form. These are used in

mixed bean salds, stews and polished red kidney beans (Rajma) are used in simmered dishes and

these beans have good tendency of absorbing flavors of seasoning and other foods together

which these are cooked.

Abdul Sattar Sons supply Red Kidney Beans of best quality polished and un-polished and we

make sure that you get Red Kidney Beans without any contamination either it is organic or non-

organic beans. We supply you kidney beans in different sizes as per your requirement and of

multiple origin which are India, Brazil, Myanmar, China, United States, Tanzania and Kenya origins.

Abdul Sattar Sons always ensure the beans we supply are packed in premium quality material so

our product can meet the temperature, shipping and handling challenges. We don’t compromise

on quality of the product and our efforts are always to provide you with quality products at

better price so we could maintain the long lasting business relationship.

We have a strong network of suppliers which are tested in terms of dealings and product

deliveries since many years. Because of that we offer much better price comparing to other

suppliers and in time deliveries. We always source your product from nearby location of the

destination so the shipping cost can be reduced and delivery could be quicker.

Kidney Beans

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Dark Red Kidney Beans

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We ensure that our clients are well educated in terms of the reliability, production statistics and

delivery schedule of the leading manufacturer World Wide.

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