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Dry Red Chilies for sale, South African origin

Factors Influencing Chilli Markets

    The commodity displays high volatility, with the prices heavily dependent on season, production in different producing tracts spread across the country, demand from exporters and the stock available at the cold storages.

    The prices of the major chilli varieties sold in the country are correlated with each other. As a result, the players in other varieties can also hedge their risks through this single variety.

Specifications for Red Dry Chilies
Kinds:     - Sannam S4 best
- Teja Best
- Byadige
- Wrinkle 273
- Wonder Hot
- Tomato Chili
- Mundu
- Yellow Chili
Type:     - Whole Chili with Stem
- Whole Chili without Stem
- Grounded Chili Powder
- Chili oleoresin
- Chili meal
Color:     Bright Red
Length:     as per grade
Pods without stalk:     8% max
Moisture:     12.5% max
Foreign material:     2% max
Broken chilies:     7% max
Loose seeds:     2% max
Damaged and discolored pods:     6% max
Packing:     New thin jute bags in 8/9/10/25/50 Kgs

Status: Available

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