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Mung Beans are tiny in size, tender and sweet beans and green in color.

Mung Beans are tiny in size, tender and sweet beans and green in color. These also can be

yellow or black in color. These are added into salads, soups and casseroles. In Pakistan and

India, these are used in making curries.

The Mung Beans is a seed of Vigna radiate which is native to the India and Pakistan. It is also is

cultivated in China, Thailand, Philippines, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Burma and Southern United States.

Mung Beans has a green skin and also is known in china as Green Bean, Mung Beans is popular in

the whole world and is recognized by many names which are Green Bean, Mungo Bean, Moong

Sabut, Ooroud Bean, Golden Gram, Chineas Bean, Green Gram and many others.

We are a Leading Supplier of Green Mung Beans. We are known as a Superior Quality Mung Beans

Supplier. The Mung Beans we supply are manufactured by using the best quality bean and our

prices are competitive and supply is swift.

We offer you Mung Beans through our large network of suppliers based in India, China, Thailand,

Burma, Bangladesh, Cambodia and of many other origins.

Our prices are highly competitive and quality of the product is the best. We always supply you

the beans which are sourced near to your required destination to save the freight costs and also

reduces the transit time for delivery of your products.

We also offer you customized packaging to full l fill your retails and wholesale purpose with

your own brand. The packaging material we use is PP, Jute as per Buyers Requirements.

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We ensure that our clients are well educated in terms of the reliability, production statistics and

delivery schedule of the Leading Manufacturer World Wide.

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